Back Pack Project



Make a Donation in any amount to aid us in purchasing the bags. Any amount will help us! You can also sponsor a family who has lost a loved one at a $ 30.00 total cost. The bags will be brought to detox centers when the their treatment is complete or their insurance allotment no longer allows further treatment. For this cause, the back pack will be equipped with information of meetings, names of individuals willing to sponsor them and phone numbers for them to reach out to others in recovery, willing to help them continue on their recovery journey.

We would like to see students who have had loved ones lost to this opioid crisis carry them. What if this could help the next generation? What if high school students were willing to wear one and it brings awareness? What if it helps end the stigma as well as a life?

What if YOU helped this to happen?

Under the “CONTACT US BUTTON” Leave us the information: Name, year of Birth and year of Passing.  It is set for a minimum of $1.00, for quanity you will have to add how many dollars you would like to donate!   Thank you for your LOVE!