What have we been doing for families?



Build the Banner or Love, Inc. was launched on November 25, 2016.  It is now a 501(3)(c) Non-profit Organization that continues to evolve.   It began as an act of compassion, reaching out with love, to those who have lost a family member to a substance.  I remembered the stigma of HIV, the construction of the AIDS Quilt, and the bonding of families and communities as they gathered and supported one another.

“Why not addiction?” I thought to myself.  Why not advocate for the families who have lost someone to addiction and build a “Banner of Love” filled with faces of the fallen soldiers who lost their lives to addiction. Why not help to remove the stigma the family members feel?  It started with a simple act of love in December 2016.  I made and brought remembrance flowers to families who had lost a loved one to a substance passing.  The organization funded the cost of sending in a Master Level Expert Addiction Specialist to speak to families on how addiction effects behavior and reconstructs the human brain, and since, has started a Facilitated Peer Grief Support Grief Group for parents.  Additionally, we will be adding a separate group for siblings.


Our organization brings flowers to families on the birthdays of their lost loved ones, honor mothers on the day they gave birth to their child.  No parent should be forgotten on that day!

We have made floral pieces eliminating the cost families are forced to incur while planning services for their family members at NO COST when we have had the additional funds to do so. Someone from our organization, along with a mother or mothers that have also lost a child, attend the funeral for support and present them personally with a floral bouquet.

 As the founder of this Organization, I believe that everyone on this place called earth, possesses talents that can and should be used to help others in their hour of need.

If we love more, and judge less, the world would be a much better place.

My motto, has been and will always be……

That is what love does!”