Backpack Project

The backpack project serves a dual purpose of a memorial in honor of those that have been lost to addiction as well as a preventative measure to those still fighting for hope. Each backpack will be embroidered with the name of an individual that has lost their battle and will include a hand-written letter by a family member to the recipient of the bag. Along with the personalized letter, the bags will also contain hygiene products, a clean pair of socks, a warm blanket, and other necessities that most suffering in addiction go without. Upon their completion, the bags will be distributed to detox facilities, recovery high schools and sober houses. The hope of Build the Banner is that through this project, those caught in the grip of hopelessness will see their true worth, feel loved and be encouraged to change. Imagine if the simple act of sharing the loss of one life, serves as the inspiration that rescues another?

It has been estimated to cost $30 per backpack, if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a bag for a family who has experienced loss, please visit the donation portion of our website to support this act of love.

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