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Construction of the Banner

The “Banner of Love” is displayed at a yearly event. Photos that are submitted are added to the original banner once per year.  It presently represents 8 of 50 States.  We will continue the construction of a National Banner.  It is the collective lives that tells the importance of our mission of love.  There are many families that are left to grieve this loss.  They need the love and support of the community.  We provide a source of comfort while they learn to live life beyond loss.

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Your participation in our Events and Donations will help us meet our Goals for 2018!!

$ 50,000

Help us to raise the funds to open our First Family Recovery Center. In 2017 we have raised $10,000.00 toward this goal. This year our goal is raise additional funds toward a facility where both parent and sibling support groups are held. In addition it is our goal to have a Family Nurse Practitioner offer free services to those needing medical treatment.

$ 5,000

In 2018, we are looking to support families that are raising children that have lost a parent to addiction. Our goal is to have a Christmas Event where we can bridge single parents together, creating lasting friendships as well as grandparents that are raising children that have been affected by this loss.

$ 10,000

Sadly, some families do no not have the funding for funeral arrangements This budget will allow us to help families members in need of assistance. Based upon need, we would like to help 10 families with $1,000.00

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The true victims are the ones still trying to survive.
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Help Us, Reach the families that are Broken. Donate Today.